Dare to be Wacky (Live a Life Worth Living)

We all have it in us.

A free-spirited wonderful, wacky attitude, that make our lives colorful, exciting and fun.

It inspires us to write our own wacky fairy tale filled with fascinating characters, plenty of action and plots that twist and turn.

But sometimes we mistake that wild, unbridled for chaos and confusion that allow critics to cut out the best scenes in our story.

The whole process stifles our passions and dulls our sparkles, and we no longer fully cherish our lives.


Well, not anymore!

This is the year and NOW is the moment.

Rekindle your passions and multiply your talents.

Embrace your inner wackiness and redefines your world.

Stand up for something worth fighting for, and confront the dragons of the world… especially if they scare you.

Mae a difference in someone’s life and in the process you’ll change your own.

Don’t wait for a BeTtEr TiMe.

It’s your life and your story.

So, dare to be wacky and truly live a life worth loving.

(credit is belong to Suzy Toronto) for writing such a kickass uplifting book.

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