The Forgotten Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

I started sorting collectible coins yesterday but I have to stop because I need to find a way what to look for and how much I am gonna list them as we are selling it.

I found a website called and I found the resources I must have before I start putting them up for sale.

I spend a day printing and put all articles that are useful in my pursue of knowing everything that I need to know.

By midnight I was done. Exhausted but excited is what it felt like for me.

One thing that caught my attention on the article was “The Forgotten Silver Kennedy Half Dollars”.

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I told Rebel hopefully there will be half dollars somewhere on a box full of collectible coins.

An hour ago I started listing coins and found two Kennedy half dollar so far and I was excited for many reasons.

I posted a post on Facebook and this is what I said.

Believe me of not but if you have any 1964 Sliver Kennedy Half dollars and you are into silver or collecting coins, keep them.

I found a few and I was excited for the following reason.

The minimum value for each coin is $7.43 each but in contained a heft 90% silver.

If you have a magnifying lens take a look in the back of the coin.

If you are like me you will find yourself uttering “Huh” and I didn’t know that till now but there are two kinds of mintmark.

One is on “Reverse” and the other is “Obverse”.

Below the eagle’s claw there are small one single letter and it could be (D for Denver, S for San Francisco and P for Philadelphia).

Those are called mintmark and if yours doesn’t have one then it was minted in Philadelphia.

I don’t know about you, but this just tickle my bones in many places.

What an interesting and educational experience its been for me because I enjoy doing it.

This is one exciting adventure that I don’t have to go anywhere.

This is something different.

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