Strawberry Shortcakes

I started listing Vintage toys lately on my online store from Barbies, Beanie Babies, M&M, Cabbage Patch Kids to earn extra money.

I’ll find all of them by thrifting at Savers and they are still in their original packages.

One thing that caught my attention was the Happy Meal toys they give away from McDonalds.

Apparently, not lots of people collect those vintage Happy Meal toys so they throw or donated it away.

Savers has lots of them so I made a decision to purchase them to see a possible profit kicks in.

Tonight, I am working on Strawberry Shortcakes toys that I think is so cool.

I also found out these collectible toys were named were all derived from sweet deserts.

Huh… interesting finding I should say.

So, I decided to blog them and hopefully someone will buy them from me.