Go Upside Down

Here is my blog on today’s Creative Challenge on… Go Upside Down

Find a place where you can sit upside down for a short while and take notes about how the change in perspective affects your opinions of what you see.

Or use a camera to take a picture of a place where you spend lot of time, then flip the picture upside down and note the things you never noticed before, or how what you’re used to looks suddenly different.


Much of what we see and think is influenced by our perspective. Our eyes see an object and our mind create its point of view. In order to be more creative we should seek to change our perspective often. By looking at one thing, it does lead to a new insights and ideas. Here is the outcome of this challenge.

I went to Junkee clothng yesterday because I want to explore. Walking through the entire place, I came across these items. At first I don’t know why I was drawn to it. It never came to mind this is the answer to my own creative challenge theme of “Upside Down”.


I took a picture of it and when I got home looked at this particular picture and I finally got it.

So, I flipped  the picture and started investigating and writing things I never noticed before and how they used to looked like suddenly became different.

Their facial structures are not all the same.  They have all lovely different colors of hair and that apply also to their lipstick.

It also gave me the impression of floating heads.

Lastly, those tutu looked like umbrellas when they are upside down.

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