Gi-Go Palm Pals

Two days ago I went thrifting to Savers looking for something to sell on my Online Store.

This time I decide t browse on toys section with Vintage Barbie in mind.

There’s lots of Barbie’s and even they stamped the date 1966 they are not all vintage.

I learned my mistake quick when spotting an actual vintage Barbie.

As I was browsing through the many bags of toys five infant dolls came to my attention but they didn’t really connect with me.

Then I decided and proceeded to the other side of the store and browsed through the household area.

There’s nothing that caught my attention so I went back to the toys section.

Once again this expressive dolls was kind of speaking to me in a why I don’t understand.

Fuel by curiosity I opened the Image Search app to see if it has some matched but it came back with the word “Doll” Infant”.

Without knowing what kind of dolls they were I bought them anyway because they were only $1.99 a piece. I figured this is not just a regular dolls because there’s five of them for sale.

Luckily, Internet thug figured out what were they.

They called Gi-Go Palm Dolls and they were popular in the mid and late 90’s.

Even though they don’t have anymore tags it is obvious someone collected these dolls for a collection.

Hey…just got me some Vintage Dolls.

So, tonight I decided to take pictures of them and I am just about to list them on my online store.