Dribble Me Crazy

I find it humorous that everytime we go to the gym there is always something to blog about.

It could be with people, gadgets or even music that they play 24 hours a day.

It is an Ongoing Saga or a crusade that entertain me because I am a very observant person.

Today blog is about “Dribble Me Crazy”.

I won’t deny I found a time where Rebel and I do not hassle with bumping to lots of people or people hugging equipments.

Six thrifty in the morning is what we agreed upon working out.

One thing I like about our schedule time is witnessing the sunrise and taking picture of it.

I mostly start slowly and at the Glutes machine for ten minutes or so and after that time to shuffle with different kind of machines.

I work my way through from stretching to lifting weight and one thing I am perfecting is the climbing monkey bar.

By 7:00 a.m. people will start coming in more often but by then we are pretty much halfway through the workout.

One thing I noticed though, guys usually go straight to the lifting area while women and older people will do the treadmill for hour or more.

Around 7:30 a.m. there were three tall guys who came in and before they even started I got a bad vibe like they are there to ruin my workout flow.

One of the guy grabbed a ball and started dribbling it on the lifting area.  He was doing it on and off which I do not understand.

In my head there is a spare room he can go to and dribble of whatever he wish to do.

But no, he was next to me while I was swinging at the monkey bar.

At first I ignored it, but by then I already lost the flow.

All I can now hear was… dribble… dribble and more dribble and this dude just drive me crazy.

I mean, who want to hear thumping for a long time that early in the morning where most people at the gym  were quietly working out.

After ten minutes I told Rebel I will be in the the Expedition.

He said to me… I know why and I said “Yap” you read my mind.

It didn’t take long and we are out of the gym.

This is my Gym story for today and I have more soon.



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