A Birdhouse or a Bag?

Thrifting is about finding unexpected treasures in a very reasonable way. In my own experienced it is more than finding treasures and let me tell you why I truly enjoy thrifting.

I have a deep passion for scavenger hunting because I not only find enjoyment to dig dipping but I am also learning something whenever I find my target subject.

With this particular hunt, I found a small triangle bag that looks like a birdhouse.

It is brown and with a G letter as an opening.

When I looked at the inside I found a strap which can be wear as a shoulder bag.

At first, I was a bit puzzled as it doesn’t look like a bag to me.

But since I never saw one like this ever so I decided to buy it and see if someone will buy it.

I don’t know if my asking price is low or not but selling is about taking chances.

So, I just listed it in my online store and looking forward to a promising buyer.