1943 Lincoln Steel Penny

You don’t see much steel coins now a days and this is what triggered me to blog it

This penny was made of Zinc coated steel and the reason being is due to a copper shortage during the critical war year 1943, where the Treasury used zinc coated steel to make cents.

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Although no bronze cents were officially issued that year, a few specimen struck in error on bronze or silver planchets are know to exists.

Bronze for examples have sold for over $200,000 in recent years.

Through a similar error, a few 1944 cents were struck on steel planchets.

Beware the many regular steel cents of 1943 that were lated plated with copper, either as novelties or to deceive, a magnet will reveal their true nature.

(content belong to Kenneth Bressett from the book “A Guide Book of United States Coins 2017).

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