Barbie’s Gone Wild in the tub

Over the weekend I was one of the vendors of a local flea market.

Setting up our booth went smoothly because Rebel helped me the entire time.

I bought some of my Barbie’s that I found at Savers with me because I want to sell them.

I also brought some without clothes.

While I was sitting down  I spotted a booth that’s belonged to Michelle.

She sells repurpose items which were a perfect prop for Barbies.

At the end of their photo shoot, I started to wonder what to do with some of them that don’t have any clothes.

I looked around and I found the perfect setting.

A square dish that can be used as a tub.

So, I put all the naked Barbie dolls and took pictures of them.

And it was a success as it created like they are having a naked party in the tub.