Stay Away from “What Happened Club”

I know for fact non of us want to reach 40 or older and be in “I wonder what happened?” club.

After half of our lifetime of hard work, taking care of our family, doing and promising ourselves you are going to do whatever it takes to become rich, but in reality you have nothing or very little to show for.

Let’s be honest by saying some of us already in the “What happened” club and whining you wish you had started learning how to double your wealth in life when you were younger.

Most people are puppets and they listened to someone else worn out song over and over.

They followed advices from people whose mind is mediocre.

If you want to be rich you need to start thinking for yourself.

Stop listening to people that is below you.

Stop reading or accepting advices that make them rich by using you.

Everyone wants financial security that money can bring and buy.

You need to find ways to make more money.

Since most people are conditioned not to think big in terms of money they are just comfortable perhaps with $10K or $20K.

Bigger amount scare the hell out of them so they remain poor.

Don’t be a victim of “What Happened Club”.

Make a decision and get rich then join the club.