Be Careful What You Wish For

Your dream life may come with an unexpected set of problems you’re not ready to handle.

Like my buddy Kyle who recently got a German Shepherd puppy.

Kyle works 9-to-5 and there’s no one to take care of the little Taz when he’s not around. The poor pup poops and pees in the house throughout the day.

Kyle returns to a smelly house.

Soon, the odor stuck to the walls, the carpet, and the window dressing.

Now Kyle’s house literally smells like $%#@.

Do you feel sorry for Kyle?

I don’t.

You get what you wish for.

You can’t buy a German Shepherd and treat it like a hamster.

Reminds of how people say they want to make money online and then treat their online business as if it’s a video game.

As if they can just play for 10 minutes and then go do something else.

Like that’s going to get you results.

It won’t.

But this system will.