When I Grow Up

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to follow our dreams.

We got sidetracked because life did not provided us with instructions.

Some of us will fall in love, have a family and pretty much just live day by day.

To some they focus on work, work and more work and then save, save and save.

Perhaps to some of us are in our senior age and just just now trying to decide how to spend the rest of our lives.

When I was younger I do not remembered saying “When I Grow Up I want to be….”.

I simply grow older in age but younger in body and mind because I do not live with what society expected me to be or act or what to say.

I became who I want to be in a particular moment.

The saying “When I Grow Up” doesn’t exist in my life because I feel it is very restricted and constricted.

So I do what  I do and happy being me.