Are You Choosing The Wrong Online Business?

There are good online businesses and there are not-so-good online businesses. When you’re researching a particular internet marketing system, what are some of the tell-tale signs that it’s an opportunity to grab with both hands – or one to avoid like the plague? A while ago, I got started with a particular online marketing system. … Read more

Carol’s Startling Discovery

Meet Carol. Every Thursday, Carol likes to broil fish for dinner. At least she did before “the incident”. It happened a few weeks ago. As usual, Carol was out shopping for dinner and she picked up some fish. When she got home she put it in the fridge and finished doing her laundry. The trouble … Read more

Why I Do It Every Day

If you want to do something every day, do it every day. Sounds simple enough, and most people would agree with it. Why do you ignore this simple strategy? You might blame your lack of motivation on fear. In this case, it’s easy to do. It’s also wrong. It’s not fear that keeps you from … Read more