Georgio Armani Silk Scarf

Instead of heading to the gym today I decided to ditch it because there’s a part of me wanting to go for an adventure downtown Reno.

My planned was to go to the antique store and look for stamps but somehow that didn’t happened.

I actually ended up at Savers.

With brooch in mind, I ended up looking for a scarf. The inspiration on this is to find a Hermes scarf. I didn’t see that specific brand, however, I am pleased finding Georgio Armani silk scarf in the process.

The tag listed it for $2.99 but this week color is YELLOW for 50% off.

I was not a fan of wearing scarf but when I discovered the comfort of keeping my neck on winter time…I became a fan.

Georgio Armani is an expensive brand from their shoes to their other accessories.

What make this deal sweat sweet is due to the fact that I only paid $1.50. This scarf is 100 % silk and made in Italy.

Now that I took a picture of it…it is ready to list to my online store.