What’s Your Perfect Follow Up?

There’s lots of ways you can followup and interact with your subscribers.

The main question is what fits your personality?

I’ve made a study of different styles of writing, frequency and all the other things one can study when it comes to email.

You know what I found out?

Everything depends on your market.

Anyone who tells you anything different is probably full of crap.

Even if you did everything someone else is doing with their list in their market, you’ll likely get different results.

Sometimes wildly different.

I learned this when I was studying investing in stocks and commodities.

It seems weird, but actually it makes perfect sense.

Because no matter how hard you might try, you’ll never be able to duplicate what someone else is doing.

There are an infinite number of variables, and each one could cause a difference.

So quit trying to do what self-proclaimed experts are saying you “should” do.

Nobody knows your market like you do.

And nobody will interact with your customers the way you do.

Study everything you can get your hands on.

Get out there and test stuff.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

You’ll get better as you go along.

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