Bottom Feeder Marketers

I swear he is swimming around on a Flakebook group.

I met one of them on a group until  few months of letting my antenna down something alarming that caught my attention.

This bottom feeder marketer (aka bottom feeder) joined this group for his own agenda.

Bottom Feeder Marketer

He sit on his dark cave and every time someone will joined in… his favorite line is “Welcome to the group” and “Let me know if you need help”.

To the untrain mind this is his way to lure you to his dwelling.

Since there are so many clown fishes out there who loves freebies… they fell for it.

I wonder how many of them is aware of his mesmerizing flute playing  “I put the spell on you”.

Once he gain someone’s trust… this bottom feeder marketer will move you to his own group.

From there, your are pretty much under his hypnotic spell.

He offer you all the shiny objects he claim its free if you sign up under his affiliate.

Oh boy! I smell what he is cooking.

All he is doing is…selling you products that he is affiliate with.

It doesn’t matter if it will work for you or not.

What’s important is… he just make some money.

He will tell you about how to swallow customers by building a funnel for your business.

However, if you are a newbie, you will ended up put in a corner because he move on to a bigger fish.

This is how this disgusting bottom feeder marketer act so my advice is be careful out there.




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