Rising of Happy Meal Toys

I been selling different merchandise online for three years or so now.

Over a period of time it evolved into not just a hobby because I started earning money at a time.

My sight way back then was selling my user footwear and purses. It was slow selling at first because I had so much competition all over the world.

Then last week Rebel and I went to Tell City Indiana and visited his dad.  I had a wonderful time and I also met her sister Helen and her family.

To my surprised his dad which I also called dad gave us a medium size box full of silver and few gold coins.

When we came home I decided to checked it out and got hooked on learning about coins.

I listed few of the silver coins and within few hours I sold coins totalling $200.  Not a bad gig.

Moving forward to this day…it was a very profitable hobby.

Then here comes another window of opportunity the other day in the form of vintage toys.

I was busy reading an article online when there’s this Ad on the side of my screen talking about vintage toys.

This caught my attention so I clicked the link. Inside the article were Happy Meal kids toys from fast food places such as McDonald, Subway, Burger King and so much more.

Omg! some of these plastic toys worth some moolah.

I spent my night putting an articles together so I know what to look for as what its worth.

The following day, Brandon and I donated some clothes at Savers.

While I was browsing through the aisle the word “toys” came to mind so I headed to the tot section.

There is was…tons of them in the bag and some were on sale.

I bought me probably five bags and brought it home.

Just the thought of breaking the plastic bags I was excited.

I found some that were still in its original cases.

Later today….I will be researching them how much they worth and I will be list them on my online store.

Throwing an intention to the universe that “Selling toys is profitable”.