Masaallah…God Willed It

I found and bought two frames from Savers yesterday and one of the frames is about MASAALLAH which means “GOD WILLED IT” in English.

And I believed “God Willed It” that these two frames destined for me and with unexpected surprises in the back.

And let me tell you how it all started.

It was started yesterday when we decided to stop by Savers to buy a bobblehead for a friend who told us he wanted it when we text him a picture of it.

While Rebel was busy looking for books to purchase I ventured into the knickknacks section and I saw two small frames.  I was curious so I picked up one of them and stared at it.  They are not very attractive looking but it like the way they got framed.

When I looked in the back there was a sticker of what the images were on the front side.

Wow! these frames came from Turkey and someone brought it here in the States.

Now, they are sitting on the shelves waiting for someone to buy them.

The more I read what they were I got more fascinated.

Then, my heart just started beating fast when I read it is a sterling silver .925.

I was like these are silver bars that we inherited from Rebel’s dad.  They are way higher on value that those silver dollar.

So, I bought it and did some researched online and I found the source of who framed it.

It is a jeweler store from Turkey.

So, I emailed them and I got a response and the owner said….they were 925kt silver as it stated in the back of the frames.

I emailed him back again and asked if he knows how much they weight (as they can be thick or probably thin) if I decided to rip the back of the frames.

I can’t wait for the dude response.

For now…I take joy just looking at these silver frames.

And you really don’t find rare finding like these two on a thrift store.