Irish Dance World Festival Barbie Doll

I went thrifting two weeks ago or so and as usually I take time to browse through the toy section.

This lovely doll is sitting or I should say hanging among dolls but she was in the back.

I guess the people that work at Savers will put the vintage doll in the back as people never take the time to browse.

The first time I saw her I was like “Whoa” this is just such a lovely Barbie.

All Barbie dolls are beautiful but once in a while something stand out among its collection.

For $2.99 I bought it and it’s been on my art desk for two weeks.

I never had time to list the Barbie dolls I have lately because I am busy learning  a Hebrew data entry work.

But today, I decided to grabbed this doll and did my researched.

She is a part of Barbie collector series

An Irish Dance World Festival type of doll.

Her body and head were stamped 1991 so she is considered Vintage.

Her facial feature is just fabulous.

I mean red lips, clear complexion and red curly hair.

I cleaned her up and just listed her on my Ebay and Bonanza store for $20.00.

Even if her hair is messy I don’t think that will be a problem for someone.