A House in a Prairie?

For the past few days I been looking for a new house for us as where we at now is no longer serving its purpose.

It exciting yet questionable how fast or slow we will be able to find out.  I can feel the stress in me because we gave the 30 days notice in advance to vacate this condo even if we didn’t find a place yet.  Reason being is that…the constant noise of slamming doors, small children running around and there’s screaming as well.  While on the other side, the constant barking of dog who stayed outside because he is not neutered and the family who took this dog seems doesn’t carry.

The house hunting is such a thrill but I already encountered two women who pretty much doesn’t care.  As much as it is a pain in my tush once in a while I always know something will come along our way before the end of this month.

However, something came up in 24 hours from Rebel on a chance to change our lifestyle and live somewhere it is secluded.

He said his dad owned acres and acres of land and he left a mobile home in Arkansas and now sitting empty because he passed away in August.  My partner is excited about it because we both enjoy peaceful environment as well away from people. We both grew up in almost the same environment to begin with.

He said the property is in a slope and surrounded by natural beauty and down below is a river to fish.

We will be traveling to Arkansas soon to check out the property to make sure the mobile home is livable.

I really don’t mind moving out of State to give myself times to ripen more in an environment there nature is just outside our door.

I would also love to take Cinnamon and Evo with us as living in the country as it will do them good as well.

I mean, dogs roaming and running around a yard all day.  I think a tired dog at the end of the day is one happy hounds.

If all comes together as we intended by end of November we will be out of Nevada.

I am very open to all the possibilities and opportunities.

A new lifestyle, new environment and new adventures.

So, will see what is going unfold soon.