1943 Boldly Double Mintmark Steel Penny

As I am getting deeper into my profitable coin hobby I also starting to run out of supplies like coin wrappers.

I went to the Dollar Store last week and bought me some in different denominations but they don’t have anything for just nickels and dimes.

Without a choice I was forced to checked Ebay and I found tons of seller actually.  I found one that resonated with me and what caught my attention was beside that he sell coin wrappers but he is also selling steel pennies in junk condition.

At first I was like what the hell I am gonna do with junk steel pennies.  But then again, I like steel pennies because they were different and I don’t see them very often.

1943 c

With the price of $3.75 why not and I’ll figure out what to do with them later on.

A week passed and my items finally arrived.

I counted the nickels and then dimes coin wrappers.  He gave me more than what I purchased which was a big “Hell Yeah”.

While I was separating them I saw the steel coins that I purchased which I already forgot.

One looked at them they are not really a hit in my eyesight so I put them away for a while.

After three days I started rolling coins again and in fact I took them to the bank yesterday.

Today is Sunday and I supposed to go the watch the Duck Race downtown but I changed my mind earlier.

I decided to stay in and spend most of my time scheduling Rebel’s blog.

After two hours I was tired so I took a break and talked to my Rebel and had lunch.

Around 3:00 p.m.  I decided to sort coins for the fun of it.

At this time I grabbed those steel pennies and wiped them with a wipe so they looked cleaner.

I grabbed my 2017 US Coins Red Book and checked out the prices of my steel coins.

One of them caught my attention because it looked clean and the condition of the coin is not really worn out.

It caught me by surprised when I found out I can sell it for $40.00 without a doubt.

I rechecked the condition of the coin and determined that this particular steel coin is really worth that much.

The main reason being is this 1943 D Zinc coated Steel coin has a “Boldly Doubled Mintmark’.

Wow! I never imagined there’s a a gem in the pile of junk coins.

And I am glad I took a chance and bought it.

It is now listed on my Ebay store online and I throw an intention that someone will buy it like the rest of my items for sale.

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