Life Improves with Age

I am a strong believer if all of us will take care of ourselves when we were younger life improves with age. It is not an easy task but as it requires lots of preparation on my part. We all gonna age but we can choose how we want to age by living a healthy lifestyle … Read more

Looking for the Right Light

Coin collecting is such a fun profitable hobby that I came across so far.  The temptation of buying and selling different denomination of coins is really strong and I have no intention to slowdown. As I got deeper into my niche I have to admit one thing that I am constantly researching is finding the right … Read more

Presidential Coins (2007- 2016)

Did you know former Presidents of the United States are honored on this series of the one-dollar coins issued for circulation during the period from 2007 through 2011, and only for numismatic sales thereafter. Four different coins are issued each year , in the order that the president served. The reverse of each coins has … Read more