Better Choices

Life is funny. You make choices that you believe will give you the best result. Sometimes ya get it right. Other times ya don’t. I’m working on helping the Thug learn about how life works. She wasn’t with me during her formative years, so I gotta work with her where she is. Very little connection … Read more

What Does the Gas Pedal Do?

I read a story way back from an author named Leland Gregory about an authority thought the driver of an armored truck in Edmonton, Alberta was trying to signal them for help by repeatedly opening and closing the truck’s door. Calling for a backup, the original officer and five other patrol cars pulled the armored … Read more

Why I Do It Every Day

If you want to do something every day, do it every day. Sounds simple enough, and most people would agree with it. Why do you ignore this simple strategy? You might blame your lack of motivation on fear. In this case, it’s easy to do. It’s also wrong. It’s not fear that keeps you from … Read more