Cuz Kansas is Going Bye-Bye

I’m Rebel of Rockit n Rebel

You’ve probably gotten an email or 2 from my autoresponder series, and I wanted to say “What’s up?”.

Starting today, you’ll be getting emails from me daily.

Yes, daily.

Not to worry.

Because if for any reason – any reason at all – you don’t find my emails the most interesting, exciting, and packed chock-full of down-home country marketing goodness you’ve ever read, you can simply use the unsubscribe link conveniently located at the bottom of each message.

Because my emails are not for the faint of heart or the thin of skin.

I play this game for real and I intend to show you how to wring every last dollar you can out of this Internet thing.

I believe that sacred cows DO make the tastiest burgers and I’ve got my personal Guru of Ginsus standing by to slice and dice the next one I come across.

If at first you seem a bit taken aback by my approach, weather the storm.

I will pull no punches and take no prisoners.

I will also take no crap.

Here’s why…

Because there’s 8 years, a ton of money and a buttload of pain behind what I’m gonna share with you.

I may not know the best way to do anything, but I sure as hell know what DOESN’T work.

So follow along weed hopper, as we rip the ‘Net apart and lay waste to common marketing knowledge.

Buckle up, Dorothy.

Cuz Kansas is goin’ bye-bye.