Rise by Lifting Others (No Hot Air Required)!

Everyone wants to get ahead in this world, but it’s hard when people go about it in thoughtless ways.

They puff themselves up with hot air, seek attention and praise, and end up stepping on whomever, they can to get higher.

Many of us know what that feels like– been there! Done that!– and it’s really not that much fun.

The fact is that the real rise to the top is a lot easier that it sounds.


Just let go of the idea that you need to climb somewhere or something, and concentrate on lifting and inspiring other along their journey.

When you stop focusing on yourself, you end up finding extraordinary joy in watching others’ dream take flight.

And here’s the best part.

In the process, they become  the “wind beneath our wings.”

We effortless float to the top and find ourselves soaring higher that ever before.

The ride is a blast, and the view is amazing.

So, inspire yourself, uplift and empower others.

It is the secret to true and lasting greatness.

(credit is belong to Suzy Toronto) for writing an  inspirational book.  This is from her book “Life is All About How You Handle Plan B”.

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