Is that you Dennis Basso?

The weather is been so lovely lately.

Early morning breeze turned into a mild temperature in the middle of the afternoon.

Since I loved being outside for few hours before I start working on the business so my choice of passing time took me a thrift store.

I don’t have anything to buy specifically but I enjoy browsing through the aisle.

On my way into the shoe section, I saw Elrick. He is a young man at works at Savers.

He was putting things away and he happened to be holding a red jacket.

I asked him where is he is going to do with the red jacket and his response was “he is putting it back on the clothes rack”.

I asked him if I can check it out and of course, he politely said yes.

When I tried it I liked it right away.

It fit perfectly and it feels like a windbreaker type of jacket which is good for this type of weather.

It has that feels rich smooth and breathable on the skin.

The best part… it is 50% off so I only paid $6.00 for a retail price of $100.00.

I washed it and did some research about the brand name.

It’s Dennis Basso and his coat is popular on

For having such an elegance style I am going to declare this thrifting a success.