Eye Catching Guess Bag

I got home from the gym today a bit tired.

So, I decided to take a nap to gain more energy.

That didn’t happenĀ because my mind is in a go mood.

I took a shower and left the house.

Since I have lots of donation so I packed some in the bag and headed to Savers at Kietzke lane.

I saw my friend Ken and Laura so we chatted for a while and went straight to the handbags and purses section.

Browsing through countless brand name bags is fun yet time-consuming. However, since I am just really looking so there is no hassle on that.

At the end of the rack I saw this well sturdy bag and deep inside there’s a feeling of confidence this is a well-made bag.

It is a Guess band but I noticed one of the straps needed to be glue or sawn. On that particular corner is where the tag price was.

I said to myself this will be mine and even if there is a damage I am determined to own it.

Then when I checked the handle one more time the price tag was not there anymore.

I looked down but the tag is nowhere to be found.

Despite the fact the tag price went missing I asked Ken if he can give me the decent price since it has a damage.

I told him I really like it and I am going to fix the damage.

He inspected it and since he knows a seamstress need to do the repair he said $6.00 and of course I am sold.

When I got home I inspected the item and there’s another slight damage on the side but it is alright.

I decided to glue the part that needs some fixing and it came out beautifully.

Now I am a proud owner of such gorgeous Guess bag.