Can You Boots Me Now?

Can you boots me now?

That is the name of my blog because I can’t think of anything at this time.

I still remembered last week when I had a conversation to myself about my rugged black heavy boots that I owned for more than two years now.

I whispered one of this day I would love to replace my worn out boots.

Earlier this month I noticed it has a big cracked across the front which tells me it is heavily used.

I know it justĀ  a matter of time before it goes “Sayonara” Rockit.

The condition got worst when we went to Vegas when I wore it and walked with it for six hours.

Since I like this boots lots I kept it in mind to look for a replacement.

On Tuesday I went thrifting at my favorite thrift store named Savers with Barbie dolls in mind.

Well, I found me not just one Barbie but three and one of them were Barbie Avon exclusive collection.

Btw…the first time I went to the shoe aisle I didn’t see any boots so I ended up looking for a purse.

Lots to choose from but not really into it as that time.

Before I headed to the cashier I walked into the shoes area again and was surprised to see such a boots.

I inspected it all around and got excited when I saw the bottom part were new.

Someone donated the boots from a retail store.

When I saw the size it is bigger than my size.

It had the rugged type, oil resistant and it was heavy.

I tried it on it fit just right, comfortable and not really heavy.

Price is $12.99 but I paid $6.50 because the color that went on sale that week was yellow and this boots had a yellow tag.

I left the store with a big smile on my face.

When I got home the fun begun with researching the brand and the original price.

The brand is Double HH and it is leather.

Wanna know the retail price?

It is around $100.00 and it is actually an ankle type of boots which I am after to begin with.

I looked at the sky and said to the universe “I am grateful” for finding this boots.

Because the universe heard me when I whispered “Can You boots me now?”.